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Our Mission is to Create, Attract and Retain 5000 Jobs by 2025

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Our Mission is to Create, Attract and Retain 5000 Jobs by 2025

Fatima Ali is a with a family of status. Her spouse is with 4 & 8 year old children

What's troubling Fatima?

Fatima needs immediate help with food, shelter, and healthcare. She finds local resources through ImmiCan's platform, which connects her to community services that provide immediate support

Fatima wants to pursue her medical career, secure affordable housing, find suitable schools for her children, and support her husband with limited English skills. The challenge is managing these priorities within a tight time and budget due to the complexity. We simplify the process into actionable steps to address them systematically.

Despite her qualifications, Fatima struggles to find a job. ImmiCan matches her with recruiters and job opportunities that recognize her skills and credentials, helping her secure employment.

Fatima wonders if she should go back to school. ImmiCan helps her choose courses and programs that match her career goals. This ensures she doesn't take on unnecessary debt. We also check if the province offers any incentives for her job, especially if it's in high demand.

Fatima wants to bring her family to Canada. ImmiCan connects her with vetted immigration professionals who guide her through the process and explore her options.

Fatima's husband needs a job that fits his limited English skills. ImmiCan helps him find suitable employment and language support. If he has in-demand skills, we assist in maximizing his potential with minimal time, working with relevant stakeholders.

Fatima is concerned about her new community and potential emergencies. ImmiCan offers information on local resources, including places of worship, groceries, and transportation, ensuring a smooth transition.

Fatima needs to act quickly to settle her family. With ImmiCan's help, she finds the best province for their needs, connects with recruiters and service providers, and starts their new life in Canada efficiently.

Samuel Alva works at has an urgent need of at his local

What’s Samuel’s Bottlenecks To Employ Sarah?

ImmiCan assists in finding talents based on your criteria and needs, highlighting what truly matters to them and showcasing the value you offer. This saves time and resources on marketing and operations, allowing you to focus on providing value to the talent and attracting them effectively

We handle the verification process for you, ensuring that candidates like Fatima meet the necessary credentials and eligibility requirements. This streamlines the hiring process and allows you to fill jobs faster, saving time and reducing administrative burden.

ImmiCan facilitates the relocation and settlement process for candidates like Fatima, providing support and guidance to ensure a smooth transition to their new environment. This includes assistance with housing, schooling for children, and other essential services, easing the stress of relocation.

Considering Fatima's profile as a physician, ImmiCan prioritizes her specific needs and preferences, tailoring services to support her integration into the community and workplace effectively.

ImmiCan automates workflow and coordinates with internal teams to ensure a seamless onboarding process for candidates like Fatima. This saves time and enhances transparency, allowing for a positive experience from the start.

We conduct thorough analysis and provide insights to help you extract value and impact, ensuring that candidates like Fatima feel valued and engaged in their work and community. This fosters long-term satisfaction and retention.

Impact on Immigrants


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Saad is very knowledgeable in this field and extremely helpful to newcomers of Canada.

Shah Alam

Community Member

ImmiCan.AI helped me with my National Occupational Classification crosscheck and was impressed with the provided service. I am now a Permanent Resident!

Hasib Hasan Shaon

Systems Engineer at CAT

Highly recommend! provided great information and advice about immigrating to Canada, Thank you!

Taqi Mohammad

Startup Founder in Bangladesh

I was guided through my job search with insightful suggestions and jobs in my area of interest, ultimately resulting in me finding gettgin hired. I highly recommend ImmiCam.AI!

Al Amin Alvi

Collaborating and working alongside Saad has been a positive experience. His approachability, consistent work ethic and resourcefulness have made our interactions both enjoyable and professionally rewarding.

Andra D.


I appreciate our collaboration because we’ve built a strong foundation together. Our frequent discussions about the business and our shared journey from the start have strengthened our bond, making working together both enjoyable and rewarding. Even though we arent physically together now, those shared experiences continue to enrich our partnership. Your positive attitude brings an uplifting energy to our work making it a pleasure to collaborate with you

Yonas Blucha


Many may not recall, BCCB mentorship program was so successful because it had then leaders like Saad. Because people like him, 140 Bangladeshi Canadians landed in their great jobs. A newcomer of 6 months secured a 90K federal job at Ottawa. The stories are immiensely powerful.

Rimon Mahmud


Thanks you for helping me navigate when i came to Toronto. Being a physician from Bangladesh and hearing tragic stories of how physicians cannot practice, i was very depressed. Saad bhai helped me with positive motivation and connected me to the right resources. I secured a Residency in Manitoba. THank you!

Dr. Taslima A.


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